Take upthe challenge!

Rock Climbing

is the perfect form of family entertainment for a variety of special events including Community Fun Days, Private Parties, Trade Shows and more.

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Reachnew heights!

Mobile Rock Walls

are quick to set up; come in a range of styles and colours; feature 4-5 person climbing stations; and are suitable for all ages and climbing abilities.

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We bringthe Rock Face to your place!

Mobile Rock Walls

are fully mobile, requiring minimal access and a reasonable footprint to set up for fully supervised, safe operation.

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Mobile Climbing Wall Hire

Mobile Rock Climbing Walls provide a safe, enjoyable and challenging introduction to the sport of Rock Climbing. Each Rock Wall features an extremely realistic climbing surface complete with various climbing routes, which is guaranteed to thrill even the most experienced climber. By bringing the "Mountain" to you, the Rock Wall's spectacular height makes it a centrepiece attraction at any event, and for all age groups.

This website is a directory listing of Mobile Rock Climbing Walls for hire in Australia. If your organisation is planning a Special Event in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Western Australia please click on the associate link for your state, which will direct you to a reputable amusement ride hire operator who services your area.

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DISCLAIMER: The administrator of this web page gives no warranty as to abilities of listed Mobile Rock Climbing operators, insurance of Mobile Rock Climbing operators and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever Mobile Rock Climbing operators they choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall operate?

A: Each Climber is securely fitted with a Safety Harness. The Climber then begins their ascent up the Climbing Wall. Upon reaching the top of the Wall, the Climber simply pushes off the wall face, then slowly abseils to the ground, using the Auto Belay system. Climbers can begin their descent at any point during a Climb.

Q: What type of events is Laser Skirmish best suited to?

A: Any event where people enjoy being active, competitive, and having fun! This includes:

  • * Birthday Parties
  • * School Fetes
  • * Community Festivals
  • * Family Fun Days
  • * Social Clubs
  • * Youth Groups
  • * Corporate Promotions
  • * Team Building Programs
  • * School Sports Events
  • * Vacation Care Entertainment

Q: What is an Auto Belay System?

An Auto Belay is a safety device that automatically lowers each climber when they have finished their climb. The Belay adjusts to the climber's weight to provide a slow and smooth descent back to the ground.

Q: Are Mobile Rock Climbing Walls covered by Public Liability insurance?

All reputable Mobile Rock Wall operators are fully insured. Request a copy of each operator's Certificate of Currency with their quotes.

Q: How long does it take to set up the mobile Climbing Wall?

Rock Climbing Walls usually arrive one hour before the commencement of the booking. The hirer will need to be present at that time to direct into position. 15 minutes is all that it takes to set up the Rock Wall. A further 30 minutes should be allowed to erect fencing, the shade marquee, layout each harness, and complete necessary Log Book Safety Check Lists.

Q: Can a Rock Climbing Wall operate at Night?

Yes, with adequate lighting, Rock Climbing Walls can be a fantastic evening attraction.

Q: Can a Rock Wall operate in wet weather?

Most Climbing Walls are manufactured from a moulded fibreglass Resin Shell. Being fully waterproof, they can be used all year round. However, Rock Walls are not recommended to operate during inclement weather such as rain or winds in excess of 50 kph.

Q: How safe is a Rock Climbing Wall?

Modern Rock Climbing Wall Auto-belay systems allow participants to climb at their own pace, then be safely returned to the ground by a reliable fall arrest device. The designers and manufacturers of climbing equipment take safety issues to the extreme, therefore Rock Walls are engineered to comply with the most stringent specifications and standards worldwide. It is also important for all participants to follow the rules and guidelines for Climbing Rock Walls. Trained Supervisors are always available during the hire,to guide, advise and assist in all ways possible.

Q: Is the Rock Wall noisy when in use?

No. As power is not required to operate a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall, there is no need for generators or power outlets.

Q: How many Climbers can use the Rock Wall?

Rock Walls are normally equipped with either a four-person or five-person Auto Belay System. Additional Harnesses are sometimes provided so that the next group of climbers can be harnessed and ready to climb, ensuring a steady flow of usage.

Q: Is Footwear required to Climb a Rock Wall?

Generally - yes. For respect of our fellow climbers, no one wants to put their hands where where another person's feet have been. Most Rock Wall operators will not permit climbing bare foot or in socks.

Q:Who can climb a Rock Wall?

Mobile Rock Climbing Walls are suitable for ages five years to adult. Weight restrictions do apply. Climbers generally need to weigh more than 18 kgs and less than 100 kgs, though these figures may vary slightly from operator to operator depending on the Wall manufacturer, and type of Harness/Auto Belay in use. No prior experience in Rock Climbing is required.

Q:Is it difficult to Climb a Mobile Rock Wall?

Most Rock Walls offer a number of Climbing "sides" which vary in levels of difficulty. Rock Wall handholds can be easily moved to increase or decrease the level of difficulty.

Q:Can a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall be set up indoors?

Yes! Vehicular access is required, along with a roof height of at least 10 metres, depending on the type & style of the Wall.

Q:What size area is required to set up a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall?

To safely set up and operate a mobile Rock Climbing Wall, a firm level area (no slope) of approximately 6m in width by 14m in depth is required. There also must be adequate space for an 8m trailer with towing vehicle to maneouvre into position. 10m of overhead clearance is needed. This area must be clear of all obstacles including trees and power lines.

Q:What are the dimensions of the Rock Wall trailer and towing vehicle?

Rock Wall trailers are generally around 8m in length and weigh approximately 2000kgs. Towing vehicles vary from Four-wheel Drives through to small trucks. If weight is a concern, contact the Rock Wall operator for a detailed list of specifications.

Q:What are the power requirements?

No power is required to set up or operate the Rock Wall. However, if you event is planned for the evening, power will be needed to light up the Rock Wall and surrounding area of operation.

Q:How do I make a Rock Wall booking?

Contact various Rock Wall operators to check on availability for your particular date. A quote will be supplied by each operator including total cost, deposit required, Conditions of Hire etc. Confirm the booking with the selected Rock Wall operator by returning the Booking Contract Agreement with deposit.

Q:What is supplied with each Mobile Rock Climbing Wall hire?

A: Basically everything except the Climbers! A mobile Rock Climbing Wall booking normally includes the following:

  • * Transport of the Rock Wall to and from the event
  • * On time set up and pull down of the Climbing Wall
  • * Two experienced/trained Climbing supervisors
  • * Safety Harnesses
  • * Full public perimeter safety fencing
  • * Safety Crash Mats under the full Climbing area
  • * Full Public Liability Insurance
  • * Fully supervised hourly operation based on a predetermined hire period